Dating Tips and Advice for Men

Dating Tips and Advice for men – What’s this all about?.

I must admit, when it comes to approaching women and having a meaningful, coherent and well thought out conversation with them which could lead to intimacy, most men will admit, it’s probably easier to just have your nails pulled out by a pair of gruff former KGB agents!

Let’s face it, approaching women is not something you’re taught in school and get graded for, this is something you have to discover on your own, and in most cases with disastrous consequences.

Even worse is, you cannot simply share your dating failures with your posse, just not possible!
Imagine the laughs, the embarrassment and the gossip as your peeps share your humiliation with everyone who cares to lend an ear?
You know how boys are…

Now, if this is you, or you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, then our Dating tips for men are for you.
Our aim is to improve on your game, which leads to more self confidence and self worth, plus give you the mojo needed to approach a woman, any woman, and strike a conversation that may lead to dating her.

Dating women, in case you hadn’t noticed, is not an exact science.
Unless you’re an A-listed celebrity such as Brad Pitt, or George Clooney, then chances are, you will come across a few girls who will turn you down, not because of anything specifically wrong with you, but because of circumstances or where she might be in life.

So, don’t ever take rejection personally, it’s never about the way you look, talk or walk, unless you’re targeting some serious Gold digger!
Most women are simply happy to have someone come up and compliment them, or engage in conversation or speak to them in ways that make them look at you in a different light!

Dating Tips for Men – What your Uncle Should’ve told you

Consider this, women on average spend about 1.5 hours in front of the mirror making themselves look good, for any guy… and that guy could be you!

So, the next time you approach a girl, make sure you too look the part, and not like someone who’s just come out of a dumpster for some sunshine!
Go to the barbershop for a haircut, and make it count!
I realize we’re in recessionary times but, if you’re going to have a haircut, ask your barber to make a good job of it, regardless of the price of the haircut.

By all means, stay well away from deodorant and under-arm from your local pharmacy! Nothing smells as cheap as your pharmacy brand of cologne! You can smell that shit a mile away and it makes you feel dizzy, just by getting a whiff of it!

Brush your teeth regularly and use mouthwash whenever you can! If you fancy a girl at your work place, don’t make it too obvious, and don’t lavish too many praises or compliments.
This only serves to put you in the “friend zone”, and we all know where that leaves you.

Dress stylishly without looking like a brand whore! Brands are expensive, and only serve to show your insecurities.
A secure man will dress in anything and make it look stylish and up to date!

You are the Man darn it, be in control!

Should you find yourself wanting to invite your love interest out, don’t go out of the way to make it seem like you’re creating a date for her!
Instead, tell her you are heading to your regular hangout restaurant and ask her if she would like to join you!

That way, you make it sound like you already had plans, you go there anyway, and her joining or not joining you will not make that much of a difference…

Dating Tips for Men – What Women Want

There’s serious competition out there… more and more women now go to the gym, eat healthier and take really good care of themselves!
If you think women are doing this only to feel good about themselves, then you really need to stop spending too much time playing video games and start meeting more women!

Also, if you spend only 10 minutes out of your “busy” schedule to take good care of yourself, and nothing else, then you’re in the top 5% of guys who seduce and date women upon the first encounter!

Trust me on this, it works gangbusters!

Did you know that the most perfect pickup line on the subject of seduction tips for men, according to the boffins at Harvard, is “Do you like the band?”

Just imagine!

Now, we’re not advocating that you approach every woman and ask if she likes the band when you’re in the park and there’s no band in site.

Dating Tips for Men Facts:
Men who groom themselves – (beard, clean and well kept hair, dress well etc) have clean teeth and well polished shoes or clean sneakers tend to date and bang more women.

The moment you understand that women are human too, and not just a slab of meat you’d like to hump the moment their backs are turned (literally), then your chances of seducing and dating more women will increase.

Always remember, it’s not your car, the house you live in or the amount of money you may have in your bank account that will get you women (though this may be a determining factor when it comes to long term relationships and security for the woman in question).
In the main, women are just looking for an honest guy that will treat them with dignity, respect, and value their opinions.

We all thrive on appreciation… for those of you with little brothers or sisters, or both… if you want your little sibling to clean their room or do something, all you have to do, is lavish them with praise – Way to go Junior, awesome, you’re the man, well done, good job… whatever, and that kid will be the hardest worker for the next 10 minutes etc.

So, when next you see someone you really fancy, walk up to them, compliment them on their shoes, perfume, choice of clothes, whatever, and then shut up and let the woman talk!
Women love to talk, and if ever there was an occasion to let them speak, it is when you compliment them… trust me on this!

Dating tips for men – rules to live by.
Never use pick up lines on a woman!
Women are smarter and more intelligent than most men…
All men are interested in, is banging more women, and all women are interested in, is finding that someone who’ll make them feel complete!

So, if you’re stuck for words when approaching a woman at a bar etc… walk up to her, touch her slightly on her elbow (below shoulder level guys), confidently look into her eyes, smile, and ask her name.
Strike a conversation without attempting to look like you’re desperate, don’t ask to sit, and don’t volunteer either.

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You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

The Dating tips for Men team.