7 Things You Should Avoid Telling Any Woman!

I guess it sounds cliche but, unless you have a death wish, or perhaps sleeping in the dog house is one of your fetishes, then avoid telling your woman any of these 7 pointers.

You have been warned!

Avoid Telling Your Girl These Things

Here are some things that you should always avoid telling your girl if you want to have a peaceful relationship

You look a bit fat in that dress 

Now which girl would like you telling her that she is looking fat. A statement like this will definitely have you spending the night on the couch.

I have the best time with my friends 

You may enjoy hanging out with your friends, but that doesn’t mean you say that to her on her face. Sometimes it’s best to be diplomatic.

I can’t go out because I want to watch a match 

Unless your girlfriend is a sports buff don’t give her this excuse very often.

7 Things You Should Avoid Telling Any Woman!
You remind me of my ex 

That’s the worst thing you could say to your girlfriend. She will always be left wondering if you got into the relationship only because she is a mirror image of your ex.

My mom is the best cook 

Women take great pride in their culinary skills. So don’t ever claim that your mom cooks better than any woman in the world. You may just have to put up with burnt food for the rest of the week.

Why do you spend so much on beauty treatments? 

Don’t question your girlfriend spending long hours in the beauty parlour. If you like to spend time playing football and getting dirty then she’d like to spend her time getting pretty. Accept it!

Wow! That girl is hot 

Whether it’s Yvonne Nelson or Angelina Jolie or just some random girl on the road, never ogle at a woman openly in front of your girl

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Unless you’re a A-list celebrity or are moneyed beyond imagination, telling a girl, especially one you are, or desire to be intimate with any of the above is sure guaranteed to have you being single for a while yet to come.

Women are impressionable and sensitive, treat them with love, and you get back love multiplied.

Dating is easy, once you learn to be “nice” as in, a nice guy!

We’re not advocating that you be too nice and therefore end up in the friend-zone but, nice as in considerate.

Now go get that girl..