True Love Quotes, a Unique Twist to What Makes the World Go Round!

If you’re a lonely diva, or perhaps the guy who likes pretending that he’s the life of the party and all the ladies love his company yet, come weekend, he’s all alone at home watching reruns of old tv programs, then you’re in for an awesome treat.

I was making my rounds on facebook, as is my usual routine, searching for inspiration and ideas to share on my own blog when I ran into this gem of a fanpage, aptly called Love Quotes, a fanpage that uses short love quotes that are very specific to love.

I mean, we’ve all come across love quotes, poems and love-songs around the net so, what gives?
Patience my Dear Watson, Patience!

As turns out, love-quotes is no ordinary page about quotes… on the contrary, it’s about a community of like-minded folks on facebook who have banded together to share love.

..and that is a beautiful thing!

With a fan-base in the millions, lonely, single or otherwise, you’ll feel right at home on lovequotes… their quotes on love and inspiration will calmly help you forget your own circumstances as you immerse yourself in their tasty tidbits that are love-quotes – giving you inspiration on what to say to a potential lover.

On the contrary, with a fanbase that large, chances are you might just be able to connect with someone you share something in common with.

That is what I feel is missing in this digital age, we’re all so focused on our own little selfish lives we forget to connect – make an impression and attract the attention of someone who could make an impact in your life.

Social media is about connections – whether you’re seasoned at dating or just starting out – social media removes most of those barriers that make it difficult to get the attention of women we are attracted to.

So, should you have a crash on someone and have the desire to make an awesome first impression, there’re more than enough love quotes on lovequotes’ Facebook fanpage – something that will not leave your love interest wondering what your intentions are..

Love, it’s what makes this World go around – use Like Love Quotes on Facebook to woo somebody today!